• Make a general observation of domestic private shoe dose of industry custom-built development course

    Under the spring tide in recent years, depending on Internet, with the fact that the Electronic Commerce fleetness develops,the private shoe dose of kind making to order was related to the common people nothing average in the past serves , popularizes gradually. Rise because of development of the economy and the living standard, private making to order is used the person is convenient and rapid , characteristic property distinct characteristic , satisfied masses make by the fact that the run after an innovative idea , comfortable-rization shoe is convinced to individuation the exterior need.
    The type , the whole world being custom-made , being one people printing plate are unique. Service enjoying originate from articles of luxury long ago , be just the nobleman ability that everybody says most, the utensil and Western-style clothes give first place to skin excessively. Early phase is in the Europe country such as fields such as Italy , France is comparatively developed , natural , these country's handmade technologies are also that the whole world is most advanced now , many famous brand shoe dose of Bi Ru Louis Weideng , Italy old brand Gucci etc. is have pure handmade fabrication , natural, price is neither humble. Need making individuation thinking that being more is a consumer customarily privately because the tradition pattern is lower, big batches make very difficult realization , can't compare high therefore like cost, price has moved towards of course also height . Make a suit of Western-style clothes customarily for instance , require that 1 arrives at 3 months of time in general, centre requires that the above try-on of course triple composes in reply modification , 90% the above working procedure requires that pure handwork is completed , the fabrication working hour is pretty long , positive because of so-called, cost also has increased by greatly. 
    With the development of network technology, Kuang Wei , Vans etc. starts many brand merchant for instance attempting network custom-built canvas shoes business. Now network aggregation come from the custom-built all parts of the country decayed order form, the number synthesizing the order form within countrywide range is also pretty considerable , the base number increases by, be therefore likely to bring the scale effect into play on secondary population , reduce custom-built unitary cost thereby. Be compared with each other in the past , at present network custom-built price is blood people and more , masses can enjoy privately custom-built service while on agreeable price place. Because of custom-built monovalent lessening,the more and more many people begins to be keen on private making to order , respectively important brand merchant also is certain about opportunity , Nike , the Adidas sport footwear begin to provide consumer with custom-built service also numerously and confusedly .
    According to what learned, be on the rise right away already before network making to order is in many years, the earliest product is on concentrating the product , furniture on some food , adorning , the shoe making service beginning vergence customarily is convinced by industry in recent years for instance , making the special gift customarily , having printed a photograph on the cup in peculiar festival and so on,the custom-built scheme also complies with simple need beginning to draw a change in order being that the consumer cuts the dress according to the figure , the satisfied customer of energy designs that at the same time autonomously in canvas shoes. In fact, the shoe is accustomed to estate develop initial is it is individuality to be custom-made, but childbirth is spent by the low cost batches afterwards replacement. Now, make use of advanced network technology , be tied in wedlock the high added-value that scale-rization childbirth low cost advantage brings along with making to order, large-scale making to order is bound to will change manufacturing industry , make service customarily scale-rization , popularize the trend ultimately 

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