• 7 of a pair of good shoe are standard

    Disregarding being to go to work , stroll around the street to still go out and tour, one pair of shoes closing a foot are especially important, it can cut down the foot part wear , avoids result in other body problem. Publish the expert idea recently, "Japan economy news " , teach you how to choose pair of high grade shoes. 
    The subsidiary hospital of Japan Teikyo University medical science headquarter plastic surgeon prints south strengthening pointing out , the shoes does not conform to a foot, the long meeting leads to time that hallex is extroversive , the toenail becomes deformed , long helosis waits for the foot part problem, is able to arouse lumbago and knee-joint lesion etc. even. That the Yokohama city foot part emphasizes with going on foot the research institute director , physiotherapy division entering grain sincerity , the shoes meeting not conforming to a foot upsets the human body centre of gravity , leads to the body unbalance , step disorderly , is to initiate the crux of the problem of a lot of body problem. 
    The selections shoe goes forward , the primo needs to know self foot type. General coming to say , divides three kinds the following feet type mainly. 
    Asia type 
        Asia type: Asian is this foot type most. The characteristic is that big hallex are obvious than four toes are other long , the instep relaxes comparatively and the tower , the heel are not enough to make consistent. This kind of choice of persons shoe needs to pay attention to if heel part close a foot specially now and then , the heel is easy to comply with the shoe lining slippage otherwise. 
    Forty cents type
    Forty cents type: Many above old people ideas are 65-year-old's turn to grow the foot type. The characteristic is oppressed easy to be that big hallex are almost a kind of strong point , toe is thicker, when putting on shoes small toe to middle toe. This the type choice of persons shoe should be narrow now and then paying attention to the unable fault of enough point headquarter especially , easy to push against hurting a toe otherwise. 
    Europe and America type 
    Europe and America type: Europe and America person foot type characteristic is that second toes are long, the instep is narrow and low and flat , the heel is rounder. The pressure because of the body will be in two toes all together , this kind of person should choose the shoe that greater part howl till the first therefore.
    7 standards
    After having known the foot type, will have picked a shoes according to 7 the following standards: The heel should be neither too hard , nor too soft (1) , be able to firmly bind up a heel fitly. (2) use finger to ought to in pressing the heel and the shoe inner bottom, neither too hard , nor too soft, the nothing sinks moreover phenomenon. Thrust the five fingers into (3) a toe cap , experience if the shoes width leave for sufficient breathing spaces of tiptoe, the female shoe responds to the gap staying out making an appointment with 1 centimetre or so , the male shoe is to be controlled by 2 centimetres. (4) look at if ankle conform to shoe mouth, the shoe mouth is inadvisable to go over width or too narrow, the ankle inner side shoe mouth responds to are low than the outside. (5) when the sole ought to can walk in order the enough bow provides sufficient propping up, the arch ought to not tighten up feeling or pine collapses to feel. Otherwise the sole sole part is need soft comfort , (6) easily curved, be able to arouse sole muscle pain. The enough sole point part ought to as well as having certain circular measure, if flat (7) , trips and falls now and then easy to walk. 

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