• The selling well children engage in state marketplace "fishes for the golden " child shoe having careful study

    Children job state drive ultra-strong that the whole family consumes to attract Jin Li , makes the person middle being in weary tradition commerce prompt be in favour. There be analysis to report a few days ago pointing out, the state increasing the children job will still become the future adjusted commerce project trend , children job state embodies importance becoming a commerce project core competition. However, children job state faces the "reform" experiencing that each other move also from initial children articles for use marketing. 
    Children job state is brick sales 
    China already becomes second only to American female baby child product consumption Great Power , is in one or two line city at present , drive a whole family to consume this one characteristic property think that red job state is not that children job state is not most,have been become retail business by children engage in state now that person gets angry deceives the public praise "trump card " .
    Close the children marketplace develops for 2 years, swift and violent, adjoint country "two single-handed children " policy falls to the ground , every important emporium grasps opportunity , the state beginning to enlarge the children job by large margins in brand adjustment and the introduction takes up a ratio 
    This goes forward , 20,000 square metres children city appear publicly blue harbour, maximal Asia Snoopy subject paradise settles down the colourful city of Hua Run , the morning sun delight a city greatly , Jide MALL introduces children experiencing a mansion. Meanwhile, articles of luxury the child shoe Gusella Beijing national trade building store extends to child on one's body also in cherishing marching towards the Beijing marketplace , aiming at the high-end personage , directing them on articles of luxury's recently start business , formal. 
    Ultra-strong attract Jin Li 
    Burn by the fact that children job state drive family consumption is that the business family increases the hair stacking children job state energy. Children Yue Lai Yue becomes a family core, "one child phenomenon of six adults " is in in the homeland, especially one or two line city already has frequently seen still further. Children engage in state to tradition retail business Er Yan , golden ability beginning to show sucking big and powerful. 
    30%- 50% of general disbursement of children disbursement Zhan family having the family counting the data display , the part. At the same time, increase birth population with the fact that "two single-handed child " policy all-round are put into effect , will bring about 0's new every year. That this checks children estate is a gigantic business machine inevitably. 
    The with a sunny greatly delighted city extends in a responsible position gentle graceful headquarter expression , one of adjusted brightened dot is the state increasing the children job before delighting a city with a sunny greatly. At present , with a sunny greatly delighted city children job state area Zhan increases to 20% less than 10% than the reason is already initial , morning in being engaged in state by children teaches project expanding to children retail brand , family consumption etc. step by step be a field more and. Culture is graceful point out, Children's Day was annual odd-numbered day passenger flow maximal day last June 1. But "the A dream stretches with Children's Day divides listing name for the first half of the year first two this year Duo". In "A dream exhibitions among them, Duo" the passenger flow amounts to 140,000 at most one day. 
    That the high passenger flow brings about is to bring back a report highly. The greatly delighted city counts the data display according to the morning sun, this year during "61", fronter market sales volume circle goes up 35%, the children clothing marketing increases by 50% , children articles for use is to grow by 200%.
    As successful community commerce representative,children job state can be termed like this , contribution is enormous to colourful city of Hua Run . The colourful city faces reporter expression in connection with person in charge , children job state stabilizes to market early phase leading-in passenger flow, manage help very big. At present, NIKE Kids waits for a brand to already have got the turnover gradually controlling equally 300,000 yuan.
    Fang Juan points out , the children job state delighting a city at present with a sunny greatly already has been more enough, future can not rise by a big margin again taking up a ratio , overall that can need to accord with market in the state carrying out the deep ploughing , the children job in adjustment fixes position but. The gentle graceful point out , exposed to the sun greatly delighted castellan strikes the young visitor group , children job state also needs to aim at young parents. In future adjustment , move merchant, market will further attach importance to the lessee standard .
    That the as said or narrated above colourful city points out in a responsible position, is not that can be ready for right away definitely having led into children engage in state , the rent that children job state has comparatively low is horizontal , the level ground imitates also very low, more than the correct or required number introductions are not proper. And look to play if wanting to engage in state by children moving engaging in state other , in the person, proportion must finish planning children job state being hit by the retail , education , entertainment in the earlier stage, the person produces the effect being connected by the fact that location constitutes a messenger.
    At the same time, do children job state need to achieve deep ploughing. From relevant colourful city person in charge's point of view, children job state needs to achieve two entire coverage, one is that the children function satisfies coverage , is to have a retail not only , require that entertainment waits auxiliary; Besides, want to carry out entire coverage in the age group too, for be age tier of children providing services more, such ability attracts more family. 

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